February 28, 2019 – STC CNY Chapter hosted a multi-Chapter webinar with presenters from STC Rochester, STC NY Metro, and STC CNY from 12:00 to 1:30 pm (Eastern). 

Didn’t register in time? This webinar was recorded! To purchase a ticket for the recording please contact programs@stccny.org

Presentations included:

The Art of Visual Startup Guides, Sandee Craig and Laurie Fiaretti (STC Rochester)

Communicating using visuals is an effective way to help users quickly comprehend information. Welch Allyn illustrators Sandee Craig and Laurie Fiaretti will share a presentation on the creation of visual startup guides. They will outline the benefits, decisions, and processes used to create user-friendly documentation that helps customers assemble and start up their devices.

The Heilmeier Catechism: A Persuasive Writing Rubric, Melissa Hellman (STC CNY and STC Rochester)

The Heilmeier Catechism is a useful tool, originally developed for assessing grant proposals. In this talk, Melissa will survey the questions of the Catechism and briefly look at how they may be useful for other kinds of persuasive writing.

Build a Lasting Techcomm Career, John Garison (STC NY Metro)

This presentation will provide insights from a 45-year long career as a technical communicator on how to stay current, relevant, and active in the profession. You’ll get guidelines on what you can do now to ensure that you are employable in the future, and hear real stories about the kind of results that can occur. The presenter is living proof that this can be done!


Sandee Craig long straight blonde hair with bangs

Sandra (Sandee) Craig is a Senior Technical Illustrator who has been working in the medical device industry since 1990 and is a vital member in Welch Allyn’s Technical Communication department. Sandee has a strong attention to detail and is an advocate for what is best for the customer. Among the items she produces are detailed product labels, symbols, shipping/shelf box artwork, illustrations for Direction for Use and Service Manuals, UI screen processing, UI screen layout, and photo editing. Sandee also manages, illustrates, and creates graphic design layout of visual Startup Guides, Quick References, and Assembly Instructions. She creates artwork for multi-language CDs, the mini-UI CD setup, and the ISO image for CD duplication. Sandee’s software toolset includes Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, DreamWeaver, IsoDraw CAD Process, eDrawings, BarTender, SAP, Acrobat, CD Burner XP, and FrameMaker.

Laurie Fiaretti smiling with long dark hair pulled off of her face

Laurie Fiaretti is Senior Technical Illustrator at Welch Allyn. She has over 15 years experience in illustration for industries ranging from consumer products and medical devices to military equipment. She and Sandee have been colleagues for eight years at Welch Allyn, where they have refined the illustration process and expanded their toolset and expertise to efficiently produce an expanding list of deliverables. Laurie serves as STC Rochester’s Employment Manager and in recent years has managed the design and layout of the Spectrum Conference program.

Melissa Hellman with short curly hair standing outside

Melissa Hellman is a refugee from chemistry lab. She started editing professionally in 1996 (on word puzzle books), and shortly afterward began writing professionally. Since 2011, she has helped proposal clients win more than $6 million in grants. Outside of that, She has also taught university courses in chemistry and physics and SAT prep courses, as well as recreational knitting and cooking classes. Melissa is available to facilitate workshops about the grant writing process, customized to suit your needs.

John Garison with glasses and short dark graying hair

John Garison is Lead Technical Communicator for Medidata Solutions. His experience in writing about operating systems, programming languages, business applications, electronic health records, and currently clinical trials applications (among lots of other things) gives him a unique perspective on most things documentation-related. He delights in sharing information and war stories. John is an STC Associate Fellow and taught technical writing at Harvard University Extension School and the University of Massachusetts, Lowell.