Central New York STC Employment Information

Employment Information

This information is specific to Central New York, in particular, Syraucse. However it applies to technical communicators anywhere, and a few tips for people outside the immediate area are provided. CNY Chapter secretary Beth Fischi sends job notifications to CNY Chapter members from the Rochester Chapter employment manager each time they are received.

Employment Services

Cities and regions have publicly funded employment services, often with a name like CNY Works, the service located in Syracuse. These services provide a range of help to job seekers. If you are located outside of New York State you may find an employment service of this kind near you. Some locations outside of the United States have similar services.

Job Posting Sites

CNY Works provides a comprehensive list of job search sites. Visit the pages listed and where a search function is available, search for the job you would like to have, for example, techical writer or technical illustrator. Create an alert so the site will email notifications of new postings to you. A filter for location is typically available.

The following additional job posting sites are not listed by CNY Works:

The following sites are job search engines, that list a large number of job postings from the job search sites:

Placement Services

The following placement services have a number of job listings. There are no alerts, so visit periodically to see new listings.

STC, Chapter, and SIG Employment Resources

The STC Job Bank lists open positions on the Society website.

Some STC chapters and SIGs list jobs on their websites. Some also notify members of new postings. Few jobs are sent for posting by employers on STC mail lists or sites.

However employment managers and webmasters may search for or aggregate job postings from job search sites. Some email new job postings to interested members and then post the jobs on the chapter or SIG website. The CNY Chapter emails job announcements found and sent by the Rochester Chapter employment chair to all paid members of the CNY Chapter.

Examples follow of chapter and SIG employment pages: