CNY STC Chapter Offices

Being an officer in an STC Chapter is a rewarding way to become well acquainted with colleagues, learn, gain experience, and provide valuable support to other members. The following are the fundamental duties of the CNY Chapter president, treasurer, and decretary. Members can make a difference by serving in any one of these positions. Your personal touch is part of that difference.


The duties of the president include encouraging members to invest their efforts in the chapter and listening for and proposing exciting new directions for the chapter and projects for everyone to work on together. The following duties are key to keeping the chapter operating smoothly.

Vice President

The CNY Chapter may optionally elect a vice president. Members are encouraged to volunteer for this role which can assume duties depending on the intrests of the incumbent and the needs of the chapter, with approval of the council. The following duties are essential to the role:


The treasurer's position has the most fixed set of duties, many required by law. These are listed. The treasurer also supports performance management in the chapter and is a key advisor to all officers and volunteers.


The secretary provides invaluable support for members, not only by keeping minutes of the meetings but by sending informative messages to the members. This role is both a recording and corresponding secretary. The necessary duties are as follows.