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Past presentations given at meetings of the CNY Chapter are listed, with the filename if the chapter has the presentation available to post. These presentations are in a single zip file. The chapter regrets that these archival presentations may not be accessible.

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and (almost) Love Microsoft Word. 2008, Marcia Poulsen. MS_Word_for_Tech_Writers-STC_presentation.zip

Instructional Design Basics: Teaming Information Development with Training Development. 2007, John McGloon. ISD_Basics_STC.ppt

The Book as Child of the Internet. 2007, Frank Cost (https://cias.rit.edu/faculty-staff/2). Summary—A New Generation of nearly fully-automated print production factories is arising to provide the Internet generation with a wonderful array of new print publishing opportunities. These factories produce products that are indistinguishable from those produced by traditional methods, with one very significant difference: They can produce runs as small as a single unit—profitably. Coupled with powerful Internet-based software, these factories are transforming print from a medium accessible exclusively to a small number of wealthy players into a medium that can be used by anyone with a computer and an Internet connection. This presentation focuses on new creative opportunities made possible by these developments. The_book_as_child_of_the_internet_On-Demand.pdf

Content Management Systems In Action. 2007. Tim Burkett. CMS_Mindshare.ppt

Project Management. 2007. Dave Daly. Summary—Whether you are a seasoned project manager or you are just getting started, this presentation will provide you with a wide variety of knowledge and tools to help improve your productivity. The presentation will cover Project Roles, Communications Plan, Risk Assessment, Project Planning, Constraints (Time, Cost, Scope), Project Management Maintenance activities, Project Cycles, and Closing a Project. project_management.ppt

Migrating to DITA. 2006, Kyla.Town. Migrating_to_DITA(K.Town).ppt

The Three Topic Types -- Concept, Task, and Reference And How To Use Them Effectively: Borrowing Best Practices from DITA. 2006, Marcia Poulsen. Three_Topic_Types.ppt

XML from the Writer's Viewpoint. 2004, Dorothy Hoskins. XMLfromwritersview.ppt

Branded If You Do, Branded If You Don't. 2004, Bill Anninos.

Measure for Measure: Using Measurement and Analysis to Improve the Technical Communication Process. 2000, Lori Marra. feb_00_imarra_paper.pdf and feb_00_imarra_slides.pdf

ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 Registration. 2000, Bill Busher. jan_00_bbusher.pdf

Trends in Technical Communication - My Personal Experiences. 1999, Kathleen Aughey. nov_99_kaughey.pdf

Bridges to Trust: Achieving Corporate Expectations within a Skeptical Environment. 1999, Richard Inch. oct_99_richard_inch.pdf

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