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How to Manage Scope Creep and Unresponsive SMEs

Don't Panic: How to Manage Scope Creep and Unresponsive SMEs

Join us as Yesica shares how to bring more transparency, clarity, and accountability to the projects you and/or your team take on. She’ll discuss how to set clear boundaries and communicate effectively with your SMEs and stakeholders, and share some best practices to help keep you and your projects stress-free.

Yesica Mirambeaux

Yesica Mirambeaux

Yesica manages internal documentation at Twilio. She has spent years in the tech industry managing internal and external communications and bringing order and clarity to a variety of flavors of corporate communications. She is passionate about learning tools to improve our lives, whether at work or in our personal realms (and savoring the intersection of both!) and sharing those tools with the people around her. When she’s not working, she’s writing poetry and the occasional flash fiction piece, making collages (digital and analog), and playing house music for anyone who cares to give a wiggle on a makeshift or legitimate dance floor.