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Create Great Learning Results with the Power of Personas

Wednesday, March 27, 2024 — Unleash the Power of Personas!! In this session, Jill Stanton will provide tips, templates, and best practices you can start using immediately to create and apply personas in your strategy and design processes. We’ll discuss research demonstrating how personas streamline and make your learning strategy and design processes and outcomes more effective for learners. We’ll explore examples illustrating how you can create different types of personas and apply them throughout strategy and design processes to provide powerful strategies and effective learning results. We’ll practice creating a plan to gather learner information, and decide which characteristics (including roles, tasks, comfort/emotions, motivations, and environments) to use to develop personas so your strategy meets learner needs and business goals and your design supports your learners and achieves learning objectives. You’ll leave with access to multiple resources to start creating and implementing personas in your own work. 

Jill with shoulder-length red hair and a blue-green sleeveless shirt

Jill Stanton

Jill Stanton has more than 25 years of learning and development experience and a B.A. in Education, Theatre, English and Psychology. Her career has included designing and managing award-winning learning teams and projects, including: video, interactive video, eLearning, curriculum design, strategy, IT system development, performance support, learning strategy and design consulting, classroom training, and translation. Jill is passionate about sharing about learning and has presented on multiple topics at conferences including learning personas and paths, design thinking, effective audio for eLearning, project management, video for learning, accessibility in eLearning, and research-based instructional design.

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